Being born and raised in the Rock n Roll metropolis and home of Motown, Detroit, Michigan, USA and currently living in the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado, USA brings Rick Stahl's music a soulful, rocking, yet traditionally rustic type of sound.

Rick began his performing and recording career early in life, with his group Sincerely Yours, releasing their record "Shady Lane" on Detroit's historic IMPACT label in 1967.

After that Rick went on to perform in several popular bands in his native city.

The Wilson Mower Pursuit was one of Detroit's more popular bands during the amazing rock era that originated in the later 1960s. Detroit is the greatest rockin city in the world

In the later 1970s an acoustic solo career ensued as Rick took his brand of music to the lounges of the area.

In the early 1980s Rick returned to the Detroit rock stage in the band Pendragon.

Eventually Rick began traveling as a solo artist, stylizing popular songs and forgotten favorites along with his well received originals.

Settling in Colorado Springs in the mid 80s Rick took up managing bands and producing shows in his new Rocky Mountain environment.

The '90s brought more traveling, performing, writing and living. Later in the decade it became necessarry for Rick to take time away from music to attend to family. It was during this time he turned to the world of computers. Rick honed some new skills as a digital artist. He produced business logos, CD cover art and posters as graphic design became his second passion.

Then, after a long absence from the stage, Rick returned in 2004 to present his songs once again as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter.

All total Rick has been performing before satisfied listeners for more than four decades. His unique talents, knowledge, experience and intuition have been proven time and again to please any audience. Always the professional, this exciting entertainer is dedicated to maintaining an even blend of creatively artistic and commercially accessible music.

In 1991 Rick put out the album “Clear Blue Sky” showcasing his earlier material,
and from 2001 “This Is...” which features Rick at his acoustic best.

Released in 2012 "Harmony House" is a 16 song concept album with the theme of hospitality, sanctuary and camaraderie.

Rick also appears on the oldies collection “The Best Of IMPACT Records”
and ”Last Night Out”, a live archive CD of the legendary 1960s Detroit band, the Wilson Mower Pursuit.

Rick's brand new 2017 release Master Plan is the culmination of 4 years learning to produce music in a fully digital world. An impairment to Rick's left hand greatly reduced his guitar playing, so most of the tracks on Master Plan were created in the computer. The artist listed on the album, "Rick Stahl and the Computations", is a clue to the music's digital origins.
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